Goshen Township, Ohio


Goshen and Myers Cemetery Rate Schedule


 Cost of Grave Sites

Residents: $500                                                                   Non-Residents: $2,000

Premium plots will carry an additional $70.00 per grave charge.

 In reference to un-plotted sites in either cemetery, there will be an additional $180.00 charge for locating and installing corner markers.


Opening and Closing

Opening and closing includes equipment, grass seed, and all grave fees.

Scheduled Burials: Monday-Friday

9:00AM - 2:30PM                        $625.00                            


Weekday burials are an additional $75.00 per hour after 2:30PM.

Saturday burials are $750.00 with an addition $75.00 per hour after 11:00AM.

No Sunday or holiday burials are permitted.


Infant Burials

Infant burials are $200.00. Infant vaults that are 24"x 48" or larger are an additional $625

Cremation Burial

The internment of ashes Monday-Friday is $250.00.

The internment of ashes on a Saturday is $500.00.


The disinterment fee for an adult is $1,200

The disinternment fee for an infant is $500

The disinternment fee for cremation is $350


The tent fee is $75.00.The use of the tent is optional in good weather. The chapel will be used in Goshen Cemetery in inclement weather. Use of the chapel, upon request, is $75.00.


Foundation Charges 

Monument size:                                                                          Monument size:           

1'x 2' or under                          $144.00                                  Over 1'x 2'               $.50 per sq. in.


Lou Clemons, Sexton                 Adopted by the Goshen Board of Trustees on February 1, 2009.